HD-A, ED-0/0
prcd-PRA - N/N - Optigen A
HD-A, ED-0/0
prcd-PRA - N/N - Optigen A
Double Trouble of Sweet Eyes CH Fr.Lux.B.Int.Ch.
Bandit of Sweet Eyes
CH IB It's A Viking Otso
Van Budilium Hof
Mallorn's Valentine
King Fields Xeto
Zenden of Misty Dreams
Carpenny Winchester
 Heatherbourne Royal Icing
Ch Fr.Lux. B. Int.Ch.
Because of You
of Sweet Eyes
Density of Misty Dreams CH Carpenny Made The Trip
 CH FTF Zenden of Misty Dreams
CH FTF Call Me Love
of Misty Dreams
Multi CH Ahti Aspen of Finnwoods
Not Bad for Black of Tintagel Winds
Adele Kociokwik Centenalee Snow Games At Rocheby Rocheby Suttonpark Travis Sh Champion Rocheby Whiskey Mac
Rocheby Popstar
Rocheby Snow Scene Sh.Ch. Silver Suede over Rocheby
  Rocheby Ice

Sushi Kociokwik 
MULTI CH Rocheby Smokescreen Rocheby Old Smokey
Follytower Sky Lark
Ch.Pl. Yaga Kociokwik Ch Cz, Cz Pracy Rocheby Union Jack
Ch Pl, M.Ch.Pl.
Adventurer`s Naughty But Nice


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